“Don’t think twice about having Kit photograph your furbabies! She is not only a great photographer – she has a true soft spot in her heart for animals. Through her lens she can capture your pet’s true personality and your portrait will be a treasure!”  ~Wendy U.

“A quick note about our session with Bubbles. First, the pictures turned out great! Kit was very patient with Bubbles (a shelter baby) who was not trained to sit or stay when the pictures were taken, and with our girls, who are trained to sit and stay but don’t listen very well. :-) Kit was very soft-spoken and loving towards Bubbles and took as long as she needed to get the pictures she wanted. I’ve seen many of Kit’s other pictures of pets and animals, even a few of people and they are all great! If you are looking for someone for pets/animal photography, Kit is the one.”  ~Cindy F.

“My boxer and I have done TWO mini-sessions with Crazy M Photography. That’s right, our first session was just so fabulous, we had to come back a second time. Both photo shoots were wonderful; Kit was great interacting with my dog, she chose amazing photo locations, and we got some wonderful shots. The photos in the online gallery were all so stunning, it was hard to decide which ones I wanted to purchase. More than anything, I’m glad I’ve had these opportunities to capture some professional-quality images of my beloved boxer, Pearl. She’s an old gal, and as much as I wish it wasn’t so, she won’t be around forever. At least, now, her sweet mug and goofy personality are preserved in print.”  ~Michelle N.

“Kit has the combination I want in hiring a photographer. She is approachable, humble, capable, professional and compassionate. She has fresh ideas which I love, too. Her balance of directness and tactful humor are a delight. All this puts me at ease about the whole process, from the first conversation to the delivery of the prints I purchase. You won’t be disappointed.”  ~Carrie K.

“It was awesome! An awesome experience with an amazing photographer and a wonderful woman!”  ~Kristen A.

“So far I only wish I could be a client of Kit’s but unluckily I live in Alberta Canada which makes it pretty difficult. I have been following her and her photography for going on a couple of years because I love it (and her, what a good kid, I think she does Texas proud). It shows in the quality of their work, when a person truly loves what they do. Kit takes more than photographs of pets she captures what is special about them and the feeling of love and family we see in her work touches our hearts. I wish I lived closer and had the opportunity you folks do to have this kind of portrait of us and our collies.”  ~Linda P.